Ridiculous driving lawsuit thrown out, Swift curriculum, disabling Watch passcode

(Image from GenStock)

Court throws out lawsuit blaming lack of texting ‘lock-out’ technology in iPhone caused car accident — A Californian judge has thrown out the suit brought against Apple by the father of a college student killed in a road accident by a texting driver, one where it was claimed Apple had failed to incorporate technology into the iPhone that would prevent it from working while the user is driving. [Because if you text on a phone while driving, you’re a bloody idiot, and it’s not the manufacturers’ fault. And I still see this all the time, even last night with the woman driving behind me to Auckland Airport.]

Apple’s Swift curriculum coming to over 30 community colleges, select high schools — Apple on Friday said that over 30 US community college systems will offer its App Development with Swift curriculum during the 2017-2018 school year, expanding on the original six that Apple announced in May.

How to disable the passcode on an Apple Watch — In the event that you no longer want to use the passcode on your Apple Watch, it’s easy to disable it. On the smartwatch, go to Settings app → Passcode → Disable Passcode and (read the rest at Apple World Today).