iOS Public Beta 5, locking down AirDrop, ARKit demos

Mac Observer has placed all the Apple ARKIt demos it can find in one YouTube List

Apple releases iOS 11 Public Beta 5, speeding up the release cycle — Apple has released iOS 11 Public Beta 5. Mac Observer noted earlier that Apple released developer betas just one week after the last developer betas. That, plus a same-day release of a new public beta shows that Apple is speeding up its release cycle. Apple release iOS 11 Public Beta 4 last Tuesday, just six days before.

How to secure AirDrop on your iPhone to prevent unwanted photos — Reports have circulated that miscreants are sending unsolicited, inappropriate images to people in US public venues. While Apple’s default settings prevent this, AppleInsider shows you how to check the setting, and lock it down, if you’ve changed it for some reason.

Watch lots of ARKit Demos in one place — ARKit, Apple’s answer to augmented reality (AR) on iOS, has become tremendously popular already. Folks have posted quite a few ARKit demos on YouTube since Apple’s announcement of of the software development kit at WWDC 2017. Mac Observer will add to it as more ARKit demonstrations come on our radar.