AMD Vega, minimising trip data, Microsoft Surface problems at 25%

eGPU vendor demonstrates AMD Vega card working in High Sierra on Thunderbolt 3 MacBook Pro — External GPU enclosure developer Mantiz posted a Tweet on Thursday of the new AMD Vega PCI-E video card working in its enclosure, connected to a MacBook Pro – and that likely means that the card will work on Apple’s last PCI-E Mac Pro as well in High Sierra.

Minimising Personal Hotspot data usage with TripMode for macOS — TripMode is a gatekeeper that keeps an eye on your data usage for the apps on your Mac. When you’re on a Wi-Fi network and don’t need to worry about how much data you’re chewing up, it can be set to let every app use as much data as it needs. But when you really need to watch that data usage, for example when you’re using your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature or on a limited data package overseas, TripMode blocks any app you’ve pre-set from using data.
TripMode for macOS is US$7.99 or part of the Setapp subscription app bundle.

25% of Microsoft Surface owners report problems within 2 years, Consumer Reports finds — A new, large survey of Microsoft Surface owners found that a quarter of those using the hybrid devices experience problems by the second year of ownership, raising questions about the reliability of the company’s iPad and MacBook competitors.