London Apple fakes, Simon says server, Facebook language AI, Jettomero hero of the Universe

Jettomero is a game featuring a giant robot that tries to protect the universe, and will be on Mac soon

US$1.7 million worth of fake Apple goods confiscated from London warehouse — 1.3 million pounds- worth of fake Apple goods have been seized by West Sussex Trading Standards of the West Sussex County Council, reports ITV News. It’s the biggest in its history and included fake chargers, batteries, cables, headphones and adapters all seized from a warehouse in London. An investigation was launched after a charger, bought for £59 from a shop in Haywards Heath in West Sussex overheated. The customer became alarmed at how hot it became when charging her MacBook, so she contacted Trading Standards, which later found it was both fake and unsafe.

Simon is a useful, flexible server monitoring tool for macOS — It’s not for everyone, but Simon by Dejal Systems  is a useful server monitoring tool for macOS that lets you checks web pages, FTP and DNS servers, local or remote ports or volumes, and many other kinds of services for changes or failures. Dejal Simon 4.0 requires macOS 10.6 or later. It’s available for US$49.95 for a limited time (the usual price is $99). A demo is available for download. This is a paid upgrade for licensed Simon 3 users, with upgrades available for US$4.

Facebook translates using AI — The social network’s efforts with machine learning and artificial intelligence have advanced enough to the point that it can completely take over Facebook’s language translation. Text in posts and comments are now automatically translated so that people all around the world can read them. Given that Facebook now has 2 billion active users, this is an impressive feat. In order to pull this off on a social network, the machine learning needs to take into account context, slang, typos, abbreviations, and intent all at once. Previously Facebook was using phrase-based machine translation, which is a type of statistical machine translation (SMT).

Jettomero wants to be the hero of your universe — Jettomero: Hero of the Universe has you play a giant clumsy robot who wants to keep the universe safe while learning about its own mysterious past. The art has a wonderful comic book feel, the original soundtrack is great, and the game just looks like a giant bucket load of flat-out fun. Developer Gabriel Koenig has nearly finished the game and has a Kickstarter to handle the final costs of bringing it to market. It’s going to be available for Mac (and Windows, Linux, and Xbox).