Password minder, Runescape on iOS, iPads in hospitals, Apple Pay promotion in China, Subway Apple Pay, Honda going CarPlay

Never forget a password again: new app delivers three levels of encrypted security for free — New Zealand App developer Lookiimedia has just announced Mycena, a new password management app for both iOS and Android devices.
Designed for non-technical users to make saving and retrieving passwords fast and painless, Mycena provides up to three levels of password security, free for the first five passwords. Additional password storage is available via small one-time payments rather than monthly or annual subscription fees.
Mycena can be used on multiple devices including a mix of iOS and Android, and passwords can be synchronised via Mycena’s cloud service. However, O’Toole says the company recommends that users delete the cloud copy of their passwords once synchronisation is complete. Pricing is free to cover 5 passwords, NZ$4.49 for 20 passwords, NZ$7.49 for 50 and NZ14.99 for 120  (all are one-off costs, and multi device). In US dollars this is roughly $3.29, $5.48 and $10.97. Mycena has a blog with more info.

RuneScape and Old School RuneScape will come to mobile and tablet devices — Publisher Jagex has announced the two titles will be the first mainstream and fully-established Western MMORPGs to deliver the complete MMO experience to PC and mobile platforms and feature full interoperable play, allowing players to jump from PC to mobile platforms and back again. Old School RuneScape is set to debut on mobile platforms this winter, with RuneScape to follow.
Players will be able to have a RuneScape and Old School RuneScape adventure just on their mobile devices if they choose, enabling past RuneScape players who have moved from PC to mobile as a preferred platform, to reconnect with the game and their characters once again. You can find out more and join the Beta program should you wish.

Apple Wants to get iPads into more hospitals — Apple wants an iPad in the hands of every hospital patient, and is working to make it happen. Apple has therefore begun working with hospitals in the US including Jacobs Medical Center, MetroSouth Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai. Meanwhile a Cedars-Sinai pilot is using  Apple’s iPad to provide patients with data and to control infection in NICU.

Apple Pay promotion in China offers users steep discounts on goods, better bank rewards — Apple is making a play to attract Chinese users to Apple Pay, and is offering discounts of up to 50% on goods from a wide array of merchants.

Subway to use Apple Pay in new self-order kiosks & iPhone preorders — Subway is in the middle of testing a new restaurant design that will make Apple Pay an integral option when ordering food, in some cases before people even walk through the door.

Honda says Apple CarPlay coming standard on 2018 Accord 2.0T, optional on other trims — Honda has announced that the 2018 Accord, launching later this year, will once again offer Apple’s CarPlay, which allows iPhone owners to bridge Siri and select apps with a car’s dash interface.