MagSafe replacement, Filemaker Cloud, speeding your Mac, making a partition, Desktop Repainter

MagSafe replacement comes to Apple’s 15″ MacBook Pro thanks to the Vinpok Bolt-S USB-C adapter — A new USB-C adapter and cable from Vinpok will soon return MagSafe-like functionality to the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, complete with 87 watts of charging power. [Someone please bring these to New Zealand! As mail ordering will get you a US power supply.]
The Bolt-S cable has a USB-C detachable end that inserts into the computer, with the cable itself held in place by a magnetic ring. Vinpok claims it is the first and only magnetic power cable solution able to provide full charging power to the 2016 and 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro With Touch Bar.

FileMaker Cloud comes to Japan and Australia — FileMaker, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, has announced that FileMaker Cloud is now available in Japan and Australia.
Bill Epling, chief administrative officer and president, FileMaker Japan, says FileMaker Cloud provides the simplicity, performance and reliability of the FileMaker Platform without having to spend time and resources deploying and maintaining a server. The expanded international availability of FileMaker Cloud comes with support for three additional Amazon Web Services (AWS) regional data centers in Tokyo, Sydney and Canada. [FileMaker Cloud may be for NZers too, since I got an email about it and since FileMaker in NZ is handled from Sydney – anyone managing to use it here?] 

Why your Mac isn’t working as fast and how to fix it — Macworld has some advice that might apply to you if you are experiencing slowdowns. Generally, though, get files and images off your desktop and file them where the belong (files to the Documents folder, images to Pictures and so on), pen Disk tilt from the Go menu (>Utilities), click the First Aid tab, select your Mac HS on the left, click run, what 20 minutes and restart and some of you will be amazed at the difference.

How to partition a physical disk using Disk Utility in macOS Sierra — You can use macOS Sierra Disk Utility tool to partition a physical disk, though you should be careful when you do this, as any drive that already has data on it is not a good candidate. Partitioning a storage device divides it into individual partitions, which are listed as separate volumes under the Devices section in the Finder sidebar.

Desktop Repainter 1.0 for macOS is frilly, but fun — Park Bench Software’s Desktop Repainter is a frilly-but-fun app that lets you change your macOS desktop/background with customisable settings for variably changing colours.
The colours can stand alone, or transparently overlay any other background picture you choose. Black and white drawings and photos work particularly well, and are nicely augmented with a splash of colour. Desktop Painter requires macOS 10.6.6 or higher.
It costs NZ$1.49/US99¢ on the Mac App Store.