VR social network, Restaurant Hub adds delivery, social Music, InkCase 7, wireless iPhone charging

Social network in Virtual Reality — With connect, the startup e.com presents a social network app that can be experienced in 2D or 3D while guaranteeing the highest level of security and privacy. In a virtual, beautifully furnished loft, users can chat, video telephone, play games, care for their virtual pet, send photos and videos and consume media content from all over the world.

Restaurant Hub has added takeaway deliveries — Following the success of its existing restaurant search and booking website (Restaurant Hub is New Zealand’s only food and beverage aggregator for restaurant bookings) the service has developed a takeaway option that allows for food to be delivered directly or ordered for collection. [So while this isn’t an app, it’s a good site to bookmark on your iPhone.]

Apple Music’s social sharing in iOS 11 isn’t just Ping reborn — Apple hasn’t yet shown any signs of a large redesign in Apple Music in the iOS 11 beta, it has added a new social sharing feature, allowing users to set up a public profile to share what they’re listening to.

InkCase i7 Plus brings a second screen to Apple’s flagship iPhone — What’s better than the screen on an 7 Plus? Two screens! The idea behind the InkCase i7 Plus from Oaxis is to provide your phone with protection plus a second screen on the back of the case. That screen uses e-ink technology to provide a beautiful grayscale image without the need for backlighting, so it can display photos, ebooks, your favorite RSS fees, or even information widgets. The InkCase i7 Plus is currently on Kickstarter and has already more than doubled its funding goal, so you can expect to get one in August of 2017 if you support the campaign.

Wireless iPhone charging with XVIDA Magnetic iPhone Charging Kits — Apple is expected [by some] to finally join the ranks of smartphone manufacturers that support wireless charging, but until then most of us will still have to use our charging cable or dock. These XVIDA Magnetic iPhone Charging Kits (US$93) include a charging stand and a special case that not only protects your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, but also uses the Qi wireless charging protocol to take your drained iPhone battery back up to 100%. [Not sure if any of these are available in NZ – if you mail order them, they would probably have the wrong (i.e. US) power supplies, so be careful.]