Tuesday Talk ~ iPhone milestone

Ten years of iPhone, crikey. Apple did not invent the smartphone, no. Apple made the smartphone usable, just like it did with the Mac as regards the PC industry back in 1984. Apple doesn’t need to invent new platforms, it just needs to keep making them meaningful to us. Before the Mac (even though Apple was dabbling in this territory with Apple computers that predated the Mac) you had to pretty much type instructions to send a page to a printer. If you wanted a bold header, you had to type in code that directed it to bold the header. You didn’t know if you got it right till the page printed. Apple put visual clues on the screen to help us get tasks done: folders looked like actual paper folders, files looked like paper documents etcetera. This seems obvious to everybody now, but back then, it was revolutionary.

It looks obvious now, because everybody copied it. That’s Apple’s true strength, in my opinion. If you truly love your smartphone by Samsung, HTC or whatever, and you think it’s far superior (or at least cheaper) than iPhone, well great – where would you be without Steve Jobs’ vision to make that first iPhone ten years ago?

There’s considerable pressure for Apple to do something spectacular this year because it’s the tenth anniversary of iPhone. I’ve been saying this too, but actually, I didn’t mean Apple might bring out something with a laser death ray, dancing virtual elephants, a teeth-cleaning facility and a cure for baldness, no. I just meant Apple would probably change the physical attributes of the phone.
The 6 and 7 are basically in the same cases; the 10th anniversary model at least deserves a new design, and perhaps even better screen tech (OLED seems most likely).
When you think about it, a smartphone can only be designed so far – it needs a charge port, visible or not, some way of attaching earbuds (visible or not) and buttons for volume, sleep, mute, and it needs a large screen as most of the interface functions are via touch-screen … and it all has to fit in your pocket. Apple’s been toying with cable-free (EarPods) but who knows how far this will get o this year’s model? I haven’t been posting what the new iPhone will have and look like, unlike even the NZ Herald, because this is all speculation and rumour and doesn’t deserve the attention it has been receiving. The big changes over the years have been the motion coprocessor, Touch ID and 3D Touch. Ape has been playing with, and acquiring, all sorts of AI, AR and VR technologies, but Apple looks way ahead.
Jobs conceived the iPhone 25 years before it was possible to make it.

Will iPhone 8 be great? Yes, because the 7 is, the 6 was, the 5 was … all the way back to 2007 when the first iPhone came out, Revolutionary, beautifully built, life changing. What more could you ask for?