iPhone turns 10, reluctant switcher from Android, iCloud outage

Happy 10th Birthday, iPhone! The concise history of Apple’s smartphone in one colourful infographic — Ten years ago on June 29th, the Apple faithful stood in line, and sometimes slept in line, to be among the first to get their hands on the first iPhones. Later today I’ll be posting some personal recollections of that day, but I thought that it would be a good idea to look at the history of the iPhone. Fortunately, the good folks at SureCall worked up an excellent infographic that colorfully illustrates that history. Click ‘read more’ to see the infographic (that’s a section of it, above), and then scroll down to see it in detail.
iPhone is 10 years old, but its creation was decades in the making. Apparently, Steve Jobs conceived of it 25 years before it was possible to make.

An iPhone switch story from a reluctant Android switcher — The iPhone launched 10 years ago, but Roger switched much more recently, in 2015. On the milestone anniversary of Apple’s groundbreaking handset, he tells his story.

Apple device owners unable to restore from backup as iCloud outage continues — An unspecified service outage that has been ongoing for nearly 36 hours is impacting a small percentage of Apple customers attempting to use iCloud Backup, prohibiting them from creating new backups or restore from previous saves. [And … this is one of the reasons I choose to back up to my Mac, via iTunes, instead. Apart from saving precious iCloud space, since my Mac is backed up in turn, I feel safer this way. And as for ‘connectivity issues’, that’s a problem I can sort out myself with a new cable, rather than very lengthy and sometimes tenuous internet connections managed by who-knows-who.]