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New iMac is the best all-in-one yet, and the best Mac ever — Dennis Sellers is very impressed: “Oh, iMac, I’ve missed you. I thought I could replace you with a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 27-inch LG Ultrafine display. Actually, I did for seven months, but the entire experience just wasn’t as smooth. Plus, the Apple all-in-one’s display is so much more elegant than LG’s monitor … “The latest incarnation of Apple’s all-in-one is, hands-down, the world’s best desktop. Its performance – up to 50% faster than its predecessor – is beefy enough for all but the most demanding “power users.”

No, the iMac Pro Apple Tax isn’t a real thing — It hasn’t taken long for the haters to hate on the iMac Pro, but is their criticism valid? When the iMac Pro was announced at WWDC, many lashed out about the pricing of the all-in-one computer, especially the projected cost of a fully maxed iMac Pro. ZDNet was probably the first out of the gate, projecting that such a configuration would cost more than US$17,000. Is this due to an abnormal Apple tax, or is it just business as usual? Let’s find out, but I’ll give you a hint: I’m not a fanboy, but I don’t believe there’s any such thing as an iMac Pro Apple tax, or any other such nonsense.

Review of Apple’s new 12″ MacBook boasts incremental speed improvements — Apple last week refreshed its MacBook lineup with processor upgrades and minor aesthetic tweaks, with the 12-inch MacBook benefiting from new Intel silicon and faster SSDs. Are the changes enough to prompt existing owners to upgrade? Find out in AppleInsider’s video review. There’s also a direct comparison between this new MacBook and the last version.

First look: Belkin’s Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock short on ports, but provides full charging power — Belkin has refreshed its line of Thunderbolt docks for the MacBook Pro’s Thunderbolt 3, and AppleInsider takes a quick look at the most recent version.

Pages, Keynote, Numbers updates add new Shape Libraries, more — Apple rolled out updates for Pages, Keynote, and Numbers on the Mac that add in more than 500 professionally drawn shapes in free updates released yesterday.
The iWork updates added support for replying to comments and joining threaded conversations, improved autocorrect and text replacement options, added print preview for collaborative spreadsheets, added linked text boxes in Pages and more.
Keynote 7.2 (macOS) also has new pan and zoom options, allows presenters to edit notes while displaying slides in Light Table view, and has improved support for Hebrew and Arabic languages.
Numbers 4.2 (macOS) adds support for print preview in collaborative spreadsheets, as well as the functions described earlier.
Pages 6.2 (macOS) adds several features that turn it into a page layout powerhouse. Linked text boxes make it easy to have text flow from one location to another, documents can be exported as fixed layout ePub books, and it’s now possible to change margins, headers, footers and paper size while collaborating on a document.

Drive Genius 5 is a disk guardian — Drive Genius’s DrivePulse real-time monitoring is its best feature (at least in Robert LeVitus’ opinion).
Drive Genius’s DrivePulse monitors the health of all connected drives and detects potential data corruption. Then, it can alert me of physical or logical issues with any of my drives before things go to hell in a hand-basket.

But OWC has announced Smart Alec utility for Mac drives — OWC, the company that makes RAM, drives and other Mac-related equipment, has announced SMART Alec. This Mac utility that constantly monitors and checks your Mac hard drives, SSDs, FireWire disks, and USB drives, warning you in advance if drives are failing or about to fail.
The utility is designed to help you avoid sensitive, irreplaceable data from databases, word processing, Excel, PowerPoint and other business files, photos and videos, music compositions, and more. SMART Alec is currently available in beta . The free final version of SMART Alec and a US$9.99 upgrade with additional features will be available in July.

New Mac games announced — This year’s E3 conference included a number of Mac-related gaming announcements, including highly anticipated titles Fortnite, Railway Empire, Tropico 6, the Viking-inspired Unto The End and Tunic. You can read about them and see trailers at Apple Insider.