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iOS 11 will have a modular Control Center

Apple’s iOS 11 leaves iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, 4th-gen iPad in dust in 64-bit transition — This northern Autumn’s forthcoming iOS 11 update will mark the end of support for not only 32-bit apps, but also for Apple’s legacy 32-bit devices. That means owners still clinging to their iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and fourth-generation iPad will be left behind — or be forced to upgrade to newer versions of the hardware. Here’s a first look at iOS 11’s best features, a video walkthrough of the 11 Developer Beta on an iPhone, and a warning not to install said Dev Beta.
Early FLAC audio playback comes to iOS 11 via new Files app, and iOS 11 has recommendations offering shortcuts to free up extra storage. and on iPads you’ll be able to run four apps on screen at once. Apple could expand NFC capabilities beyond Apple Pay in iOS 11; iOS 11 Control Center grows modular and customisable.

First Planet of the Apps episode, free to watch — Apple’s first foray into original TV content, Planet of the Apps, starts [US] Tuesday night [NZ Wednesday], with the first of ten episodes being made available for global streaming on Apple Music and iTunes from 9pm US Pacific Time.

tvOS being added to the Apple Beta Software Program — Owners of fourth generation Apple TVs can beta test tvOS for the first time. Apple has expanded its Apple Beta Software Program to include the set-top box and tvOS 11.

iPhone 7 Plus shooting 4K video compared to pro gear — In this YouTube video, the Arri Alexa does a 4K video comparison between an iPhone 7 Plus and a pro rig with several side-by-side shots. While the iPhone does a decent job, the comparison and analysis plainly show why you wouldn’t use it for a major theatrical movie.

HomeKit Accessory Protocol — Apple’s just made it a lot easier for developers or hobbyists to work on creating HomeKit-controlled devices.

Apple’s ‘Horizon Machine’ iPhone calibration device coming to third-party repair shops — Apple has reportedly launched its initiative to locate iPhone screen and Touch ID calibration stations in third party repair shops, with up to 400 repair centers in 25 countries getting the “Horizon Machine: by the end of 2017.

Tim Cook talks HomePod’s philosophy, ARKit’s potential market impact — Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook this week answered questions surrounding the the reasoning behind ARKit and the new HomePod announced during the WWDC keynote, calling the new speaker a “breakthrough” and Apple’s ARKit’s impact “profound.”

Apple-manufactured cases for 10.5-inch iPad Pro updated, new sleeve for Apple Pencil debuts — Apple has updated its line of iPad cases adding support for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, in conjunction with the release of a series of Apple Pencil protective casings.