Dock for new MacBook Pros, 5K iMac Prom GarageBand update, Cook on terror, AirPlay 2, iCloud tweaks, Paris, no Track Bar keyboard

Belkin ships NZ$559 Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD, with dual 4K support — Belkin’s Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD is now available, and in addition to the ports on it, the dock provides 85W of power to 15-inch MacBook Pro owners for charging.
Additional ports include three USB 3.0 type A ports with 1.5A of charging each, one combination audio in and out port, a dedicated audio out port, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. The 170W power adapter for the dock provides enough power to support attached peripherals while delivering 85W of power to your computer through the included 1 metre long Thunderbolt 3 cable.
Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD is available from today in New Zealand with a RRP of NZ$559 (and US$349) from

New 5K iMac GPU configurations at least double best performance of MacBook Pro — As with the initial Radeon Pro release with the 2016 MacBook Pro, Apple hasn’t provided that much detail on the same family of GPUs used in the new iMacs – but AMD has shed some light on the new processors, showing a radical improvement over the predecessors.
If it sports an AMD Radio Pro Vega card. If it’s the Frontier Edition, the all-in-one will be, as best I can tell, home to the fastest graphic card around.

GarageBand for Mac updated with Touch Bar support, more — Apple has updated GarageBand for Mac with Touch Bar support, cross-platform integration, and more. According to Apple, version 10.2 offers a new modern design with improved ease of use; Touch Bar support to quickly navigate around your project and perform instruments; three new Drummers who play percussion in the styles of Pop, Songwriter, and Latin; and introduces new Drummer loops which can be added to your song and then customised with performance controls. It also lets you remotely add new tracks to your project using GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s Tim Cook says company aiding in UK terrorism investigations — Apple is helping the U.K. government in its investigations of recent terrorist attacks, CEO Tim Cook acknowledged in a TV interview, adding the company’s preference for encryption doesn’t mean it lacks information it can share with authorities, for example the contents of iCloud backups.

AirPlay 2 on existing speakers requires firmware update, raising questions for Apple’s AirPort Express — This week’s announcement of AirPlay 2 came with a caveat: old hardware needs a firmware update, at the very least, to work with the new protocol. With Apple said to have ceased development on its router products, it’s possible that AirPort Express owners using AirPlay could be left in the dust. AirPlay 2 adds multiroom capabilities.

Apple tweaks its iCloud storage prices — Apple has tweaked the prices for its iCloud storage option. The 1TB (per month) option is gone, but the 2TB option price has dropped to US$9.99. That’s the former price you’d pay for 1TB of storage. You can still get 50GB of storage per month for US$0.99, and 200GB for US$2.99. The changes have been made in all countries where iCloud storage is available – the New Zealand prices are NZ$1.49 for 50GB/month, $4.49 for 200 and $14.99 for 2TB.

Paris, please — Apple, along with Amazon, Google, Lyft and Spotify are among hundreds of US businesses teaming up with state and local regulators to pledge their support for the Paris climate agreement as part of a new campaign debuting today, reports recode.

No Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar— People, including me, are surprised there wasn’t a standalone Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar announced for the Mac. Apple touted the feature so much when the Touch Bar debuted with the 2016 MacBook Pros many were certain the tech would quickly move to Mac desktops. [Maybe it’s hard to do wirelessly?]


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