New Logitech Smart Connector keyboards for iPad Pro, Inside iOS 11, screen recording

The new Logitech Slim Combo with detachable keyboard is available to purchase from Apple — It delivers this week, ahead of the debut of the new iPad Pros next week. The detachable keyboard is available for both the 10.5- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, priced at US$129.95 for the smaller version, and US$149.95 for the larger one. Because it is powered by the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro, it does not include a battery or need to be recharged, or need to be paired via Bluetooth.

Apple’s first iOS 11 beta signals beginning of end for tens of thousands of 32-bit apps — When iOS 11 launches later this year, it won’t support legacy 32-bit apps, giving users and developers a few months to prepare for the upcoming change, estimated to affect up to 187,000 applications.
Starting with iOS 10.3, Apple began offering users a way to easily check for installed 32-bit apps. Open Settings, tap on General, then About, and select Applications to view a list of 32-bit apps currently installed. This also works in iOS 11 beta 1.
And here’s a list of the iDevices that won’t handle iOS 11.

iOS 11 adds quick screen recording to Control Center — A potentially handy feature discovered in Apple’s iOS 11 developer beta is native screen recording support, invoked through a command in the overhauled Control Center interface. Apple’s Photos app will gain native support for animated GIFs.

iPad Pro Smart Connector accessory lineup grows with new Logitech Slim Combo keyboards — The number of accessories compatible with Apple’s Smart Connector for iPad Pro continues to grow —albeit very slowly —with two new keyboards this week from Logitech for both tablet sizes.


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