Smart people vs Trump, WWDC tomorrow, pre-news, best monitors, OneLogin breach

America’s smartest business leaders think Trump Is wrong on Paris Accord — America’s business leaders think President Donald Trump is wrong on climate, and wrong to pull out of the Paris Accord. More importantly, they’re speaking out. Apple CEO Tim Cook, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Disney’s Bob Iger, are just three top executives who have condemned the decision. The leaders of many of America’s biggest businesses have done the same.
According to Tim Cook’s letter to Apple employees, Cook discussed the matter with Trump on Tuesday, two days prior to the White House decision. The email confirms reports that Cook personally reached out to Trump in an attempt to sell him on the deal’s benefits, not only for the US but for the world.

Apple has decked out the McEnry Convention Center in San Jose for WWDC 2017 — Apple is hard at work taking care of the final details before tomorrow’s Worldwide Developer Conference, and that includes signage outside the McEnery Convention Center (shown above). Banners and street post signs are going up on and around the convention center in San Jose.
So rumours continue to percolate, and apparently this is important, although I choose not to spread the majority of them. You can follow the announcements of new hardware and software (and various sales brags) live at Apple Insider should you wish, and WWDC should kick off 10am  Monday San José time – this is Tuesday 5am NZ time or 3am Australia.
I will of course be up and blogging, as Apple sends me through NZ price and availability as it comes to hand. This will begin about 7am NZ time, so check this site tomorrow for all the latest.

Apple pre-released some developer-specific news — Probably because of a tight timetable tomorrow – which is exciting in itself – Apple has pre-issued two developer-specific press releases covering news that has normally formed part of the WWDC keynotes. These were about developer payouts and Swift Playgrounds.

Monitor Roundup: the best external displays to use with your Mac — Mac users looking for an external display have a variety of options ranging from budget-friendly TN panels to high-end HDR displays. We’re rounding up a list of the top monitors – some with USB-C support and some without – to use with your Mac.

OneLogin customer data exposed in ridiculously bad security breach — Password manager and single sign on company OneLogin is warning users of a security breach that could expose potentially anything encrypted through their services. Hackers managed to steal a set of Amazon Web Service keys and use those to decrypt all kinds of customer data. [People ask me why I don’t trust these one-password companies. Here’s why: someone gets that one password to the service and they get all your other passwords.]

This is late — Yes, sorry. It’s a public holiday here and I uncharacteristically slept in.


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    1. There’s no wholly foolproof method. For example, Apple’s iCloud is super secure, but even these have been breached simply because people have discovered other people’s logins (as it’s just an email address) and guessed their passwords. If you have the name and password for an account, you are in, and it doesn’t matter how secure it is. Of course, this is why Apple instigated Two Factor Authentication – you can see on your iPhone or iPad if someone is trying to log into your account from a PC and vice versa, and if it’s not you, alarm!
      Personally, I have a hidden document that just gets longer and longer. Some Macs have a camera card slot, so a convenient way to keep them is on a tiny SDXC card, but of course, what if someone finds that? You can lock these cards, and some can be password protected in turn, and you can keep them in a wallet as they’re tiny (but some people lose their wallets one way or another) but at least it’s not online with every hacker in the world trying to find it. My accountant has a unique system of codes; she records one against an account and has a cipher book this relates to, but she’s so good with numbers, she seems to remember them anyway.

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      1. Mark, thank you for this very comprehensive reply to my question. I have only just seen it, while checking on my 9-year-old geandson’s Arsenal blog. I do apologise. Congratulations on your new job and a very happy Christmas to you and your family.


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