iPads educate, Galaxy S8 hacked, 1Password travel mode, Micro LED tests

Northern Ireland study found multiple benefits to using iPads in elementary classrooms — Technology can be beneficial to younger students learning core skills, a two-year research project has found, with elementary schools in Northern Ireland found to have improved the numeracy, literacy, and communication skills of their pupils after incorporating iPads into their lessons.
The study also noted that the addition of technology to the classroom is not a stand-alone solution, and should complement existing teaching approaches rather than replacing them.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner already hacked — That didn’t take long. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone has been out for only a month and its iris scanning biometric security feature has already been hacked. The Chaos Computer Club figured out how to trick the iris recognition technology, and it was surprisingly simple.

1Password introduces Travel Mode to protect data during trips — As part of an update pushed out on last week, popular password management app 1Password introduced a new feature that lets users selectively erase local data for maximum protection while traveling.
Travel Mode is a one-click function that erases all vaults – 1Password speak for user profiles – except those marked “safe for travel” from devices connected to a 1Password account. Users can later restore their full list of vaults with another click once they arrive.

Apple rumoured to have ordered small batch of Micro LED screens for testing — A supply chain report suggests that Apple is already looking beyond OLED for future products, with the company said to be taking steps for trial production of Micro LED screens in the second half of 2017. Micro LED screens promise greater contrast, faster response times, and lower energy use as compared to LCD screens. The technology is oriented towards watch displays, and smartphones.