Free Swift book, eye strain, TechTool Pro 9.5, Live Home, SoftRaid, Quark Express, USB-C free

Apple puts free Swift curriculum on iBooks, plans courses at US schools — Apple on Wednesday released App Development with Swift, a free course available through the iBooks Store. The iBooks course is a full-year endeavor geared towards helping people “design fully functional apps, gaining critical job skills in software development and information technology,” according to Apple.
Swift is Apple’s open-source programming language that works across iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. [You can read this on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Download it once, for example to your Mac, it appears on iPad and vice versa signed into the same iCloud account. Stop on page 54 on your Mac, it opens on page 54 on your iPad. Bookmark and/or highlight a line on iPhone, it comes across intact on the other devices … but all iBooks do this.]

How to help ease eye fatigue from the online life — Many of us spend an enormous amount of time on our digital devices. In fact, The Vision Council reports that nine out of 10 adults spend more than two hours a day using a digital device and that one in 10 people spends a whopping three-fourths of their waking hours doing so– so here are five tips to help you combat digital eye strain.

New In TechTool Pro 9.5 — While regularly backing up your files is the best solution to safeguarding your data, sometimes things go wrong between backups. Techtool Pro 9.5 has an entirely new data recovery system to help you do just that, as well as improved tests and speedups and buggies. Upgrading from TechTool Pro 9 is only US$20.

Live Home 3D Pro for Mac US$24.99 — Live Home 3D Pro for Mac allows you to design residential buildings from the ground up. Sheds, living rooms, homes, or even a skyscraper, according to the company that makes it. Mac Observer has a deal on it for US$24.99.

SoftRAID 5.6 with Easy Setup released for macOS — OWC Holdings, a division of OWC, has launched SoftRAID 5.6, an upgrade of the RAID software featuring SoftRAID Easy Setup­. The feature is designed to make it easy to create a RAID system (redundant array of independent disks) from scratch to keep your files protected against disk failure and achieve faster data access.

QuarkXPress 2017 expands layout tech, brings non-destructive image editing — Quark has launched QuarkXPress 2017, the latest edition of its design and publishing suite for the Mac, with a heavy focus on publishing for multiple platforms including iOS.

Intel making Thunderbolt 3 royalty-free for manufacturers in 2018— Thunderbolt has never seen a great deal of market penetration, but that may be about to change with Intel natively integrating Thunderbolt 3 [a fully-featured USB-C] into future CPU models and making the protocol royalty-free to chipmakers in 2018.