iPhone loyalty, Google Assistant, Android slipping, MobileFirst, ToDo4team, Jamf iDevice management, Pioneer NEX

(Image from Business Insider)

Apple’s iPhone scores 92% loyalty rate ahead of ‘iPhone 8’ launch, study finds — A new study published by investment bank Morgan Stanley shows 92% of iPhone users who are “somewhat or extremely likely” to upgrade within 12 months intend to buy Apple, a good indicator that this year’s iPhone revamp has the makings of a so-called “super cycle.”

Google Assistant arrives on the iPhone, but isn’t going to replace Siri soon — After a year just on Android devices, Siri competitor Google Assistant has come over to the iPhone. AppleInsider fires it up to see how it fares on its own, and compared to Apple’s offering. [Apple private and secure, Google not: your choice.]

Google IO17: Android deployment rate continues to slip backward — Google has unveiled new versions of Android at its annual I/O developer convention with features often inspired by the previous year’s iOS. The main difference: Apple can launch a new version of iOS and broadly distribute it before Google can deploy its copy of last year’s iOS across even a third of its installed base. This problem is getting worse each year for Google and its Android partners.

IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps to launch on Singapore Airlines flights — IBM has announced that the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group selected MobileFirst for iOS apps to provide a “seamless experience” across flight operations processes. With apps, Fly Now and Roster for iPad, pilots will be equipped with relevant information and flight-related updates.

ToDo4team is a helpful, cross-platform task management solution — ToDo4team is a helpful task management solution available via a web browser and on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android devices. It’s designed for small and medium sized companies and organizations. A 30-day demo of ToDo4team is available for download. After this period, you’re requested to fill in your company’s information and credit card number. A monthly fee will be automatically withdrawn. The mount of monthly fee is calculated according to number of active users. Detailed pricing can be found at the ToDo4team website.

Jamf offers ‘Safe Passage’ for organizations considering new mobile device management — Jamf has announced a “safe passage” program for schools and organizations considering migrating to the company’s Apple management solutions. Trusted by over 10,000 organizations, including 4000 K-12 schools, 1000 universities and over 5000 businesses, Jamf provides a path for customers considering a new mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Pioneer’s expanded NEX platform adds CarPlay support — Pioneer Electronics has expanded its NEX platform with five new, Apple CarPlay-compatible NEX in-dash multimedia receivers: the double-DIN 7-inch LCD AVH-2330NEX and AVH-2300NEX and double-DIN 6.2-inch LCD AVH-1330NEX and AVH-1300NEX models.