How to shoot with iPhone, Apple AirPods availability

Apple launches 16 ‘Shoot with iPhone’ Videos on dedicated website — Apple  launched a site dedicated to its Shoot with iPhone 7 instructional videos on YouTube last Thursday evening. They on Friday, Apple published a subsite on the domain with 16 videos from the series.
It’s a slick, well-produced site with a gorgeous landing video. Below that video is a grid for the 16 videos the company has so far released for the series. Hover over one of those cells and the name of the video is replaced by an example.

Back in stock! Apple AirPods ready to ship for delivery in 2-5 business days, grab them while you can — Back in stock! US shoppers can order Apple AirPods from AT&T Wireless for delivery in two to five business days depending on the shipping method selected, beating Apple’s reported 6-week wait [but may mean that general availability will improve for all sources soon].


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