Speed now please, MacPaw gets Mac collection, Siri at home, Sonnet USB-C, Hover Camera Passport

(Image from MacNN)

With Mac and PC designs mature, computational power is sexier — The designs of desktop and laptop PCs and Macs have reached a plateau. There’s not much more to be done. But user hunger for computational power never ceases. While Apple has traditionally focused on design, it may be time for Apple to, instead, dwell on sheer computational power, an enduring addiction for everyone.

Ukrainian dev MacPaw is new host of 40-piece Apple hardware museum formerly at Tekserve in NYC — App developer MacPaw has been revealed as the purchaser of all of the Tekserve Apple musuem collection, and has put it all on display at the company’s office at Kyiv in Ukraine. MacPaw is the developer behind app subscription service Setapp. Other software by the company includes encryption utility Hider 2, CleanMyMac 3, and duplicate file manager Gemini 2.

Siri needs time — Apple is losing the home, one competing virtual assistant at a time. These disembodied aides have become a big part of our daily lives. Cupertino’s competitors recognize that fact. This is why we saw Amazon Alexa and then Google’s assistant enter our living rooms. Now Cortana is set to arrive in our homes, courtesy of the Microsoft Invoke. When will Apple provide a full-fledged Siri device that we don’t have to take out of our pockets or raise our wrists to use?
Amazon has Echo, Google has Home, Apple reportedly has its own voice controlled assistant in the works, and now Microsoft is getting in on the game. Microsoft’s device is called Invoke, and it uses the company’s Cortana voice interface coupled with Harman Kardon speakers.

Sonnet previews the Mac compatible Echo Express SE III — Sonnet Technologies has announced the launch of the Echo Express SE III, the newest member of the company’s Echo Express family of Thunderbolt-to-PCI Express (PCIe) expansion systems. With full support for Thunderbolt 3 (aka USB-C), the Echo Express SE III is a compact desktop device that enables the use of up to three high-performance PCIe cards with Macs equipped with Thunderbolt 3 ports. The Echo Express SE III is expected to be available May 22 at a suggested retail price of US$499.

The Amazing Hover Camera Passport reviewed by Apple World Today — There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of drones available for those who want to capture images taken from the air. The Hover Camera Passport (US$499.95) is something different; think of it as a camera that happens to fly autonomously or under your control rather than a ‘normal’ drone.