iPhone 8, iPhone 7, quadriplegic changes life with Accessibility, HomeKit and iOS

The ‘iPhone 8’ will have to displace the iPhone 6S to become the world’s most used smartphone — According to ScientiaMobile, the upcoming iPhone 8 will have to displace the iPhone 6s to become the world’s most used smartphone. The research group’s Mobile Overview Report (MOVR) notes that the iPhone 6S was the most used smartphone model in the world despite the iPhone 7 launch in September 2016.
Despite, iPhone 7 (above) was the best selling smartphone in the first quarter according to the latest research from Strategy Analytics. The research group estimates that Apple shipped 21.5 million units and captured 6% marketshare worldwide in the first quarter (Q1) of 2017.

Apple’s iOS 10, Siri & HomeKit bring accessibility to a quadriplegic man’s entire home — Todd Stabelfeldt has been paralyzed from the shoulders down since a gun accident at age 8 severed his spinal cord, leaving him confined to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic. Using iOS Switch Control, Todd has gained new abilities and independence through accessible technology. And now, using HomeKit and Siri, his entire home has become accessible.