Photo location data, Windows to iOS bug, iOS and public wifi

When you take photos on iPad and iPhone, the location gets stamped into the image. You can turn this feature off (do you really want strangers to know where your house is?) or remove that data later with an app, as below.

How to remove Location Data from photos on your iPhone — If you’re a privacy conscious individual like I am, I bet you’ve wanted to remove location data from your photos before sharing them to social media. It’s possible to do this on macOS, but did you know you can do it on iOS too? Here’s how to remove photo metadata on your iPhone or iPad (but you’ll need to buy an app).

What to do when your public wi-fi won’t connect all the way in iOS — Public Wi-Fi is pretty easy to find, and many of these Wi-Fi portals just let you log on without any hassle, but some have login pages. These serve up ads, notify you of the terms of conditions, and occasionally ask for you to pay to play. What do you do, though, when nothing at all happens after you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot? You follow this Quick Tip and force the right screen to appear.

There’s a bug in file sharing between Windows and iOS 10.3 but there’s a workaround — When iOS 10.3 was released, the iPhone and iPad began using a new file system, Apple File System (APFS). The transition seemed to go just fine, without any widespread panic or problems. However, complaints are starting to trickle in from Windows users that file sharing is occasionally broken between their computers and their iOS 10.3 iPhone or iPad. There is a workaround, though.