Mac malware, Apple intern, Purple Rain

Apple is reportedly an option for unreleased Purple Rain footage and a documentary

Mac malware x2: video converter Handbrake was compromised by malware — A popular video conversion app for Mac has suffered a malware infection on one of its mirror servers. If you downloaded HandBrake between 10:30am EDT on May 2, 2017 and 7pm EDT on May 6, 2017, you should follow these instructions to check your Mac for a new variant of the malware OSX.PROTON because HandBrake was compromised by malware.
And Windows malware ‘Snake’ has been ported to Mac for first time, masquerading as the accursed Adobe Flash. The malware long targeting Windows users – known sometimes as Snake, Turla or Uroboros – is now reportedly being turned against Mac owners. The updated code comes disguised as an Adobe Flash Player installer, wrapped inside a ZIP file labeled ‘Install Adobe Flash’, Malwarebytes said on Friday. A giveaway to its origins is that when run, the installer is signed by an Addy Symonds instead of Adobe –this initially tricked macOS’s Gatekeeper feature, but Apple has since revoked the bad certificate.[Just don’t use Flash! Steve Jobs was right to never allow it on iDevices.]

One veteran’s guide to becoming an Apple Intern — Maxime Britto was an intern for Apple. He worked on the WebKit and Safari team, and enjoyed a paid internship he described as an amazing experience. FastCompany published an interview with him, a piece intended to give those of us on the outside a look at what it’s like to intern at a company like Apple. It’s an interesting read, and at the end, Messr. Britto offers some advice to others wanting to be an Apple intern. (Via the Mac Observer.)

Prince’s estate looking at bringing Purple Rain debut footage, documentary to Apple Music — Prince’s estate is readying an unreleased concert film from the seminal ’80s album Purple Rain with accompanying documentary footage, and is reportedly shopping it around to Apple Music and other streaming services.
According to a report on Friday from Billboard, Prince’s estate is in negotiations to release the heretofore unseen concert footage to streaming music services. Along with the film, the package deal includes the rights to make a documentary