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Tynker has released two new learn to code courses supporting Apple’s program

Bloomberg partners with Twitter to generate 24/7 streaming video news service — News titan Bloomberg and Twitter have teamed up to create a service for constant news streaming on the social media venue 24 hours a day. According to the report, the channel won’t rely exclusively on rebroadcasting Bloomberg’s existing television programming. It will also use a “curated and verified mix” of video harvested from Twitter as well, mostly focusing on current events rather than just “trending” topics.

Some new MacBook Pros are making unexplained clicking sounds — Your new MacBook Pro may be making a popping sound, but Apple doesn’t have anything to say about it. Many MacBook Pro users are complaining about what sound like random trackpad click noises coming from their laptop and so far Apple has been silent about the issue.

Stix free FCP X Template — Conner Production’s latest free FCP X Template is Stix, which quickly makes titles. Customize text colour, glow colour and change the entire style with the click of a button. Check it out below, and download for free if you’re a Final Cut Pro X user.

Trump calls tech CEOs to June meetings, orders overhaul of US government IT — President Donald Trump has reportedly signed a new executive order, creating a council meant to “transform and modernize” government IT systems. Simultaneously, the White House revealed a series of meetings in June, during which some 20 high-tech CEOs will be brought in to discuss the topic. [It will no doubt be really really great.]

Apple is reportedly planning an online store in India — Apple is reportedly planning to launch an official online store in India later this year. The tech giant will sell locally assembled iPhone SE and mobile accessories on its e-shop from Diwali onwards, reckons the The Economics Times, citing an unnamed Apple India official.

Tynker launches two courses to support Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Code’ program — Tynker, a company that’s has introduced more than 50 million kids to computer programming through game-like learning activities and courses, has announced two new courses called Space Cadet and Dragon Spells to support the Everyone Can Code program from Apple.


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