Dutch ruling on refurbs, slashed commissions, Uber sued for tracking, Google Photos AirPlay-able

Netherlands judge rules Apple can’t swap refurbished iPads for broken ones — Another court ruling in the Netherlands mandates that when Apple needs to replace a broken iPhone or iPad, it must do so with a new unit, and not a refurbished one. [Parsimonious is one thing, Apple, but some things are just mean. But wait, there’s more …]

Apple slashes affiliate commission rate on apps from 7 to 2.5% — Apple on Monday alerted members of its link affiliate program to a sharp reduction in their take from apps and in-app purchases, down from 7 percent to just 2.5.

Uber sued for $5M over ‘Hell’ app used to track Lyft drivers — Fresh off revelations of the ridesharing service’s run-in with Apple, Uber is being sued for the use of an app called Hell, which allegedly tracked drivers from the company’s main US rival Lyft. [In Auckland, I use Zoomy instead of Uber, it’s much fairer to the drivers and just as good.]

Google Photos 2.14 adds AirPlay functionality — Google Photos for iOS was updated yesterday with official AirPlay support, adding the capability to stream photos and videos to TVs through Apple TV. Google Photos version 2.14 finally brings support for AirPlay to the app, almost two years after it was first launched. Prior to this release, iOS device users who wanted to “beam” photos and video to their TVs could not use an Apple TV as an AirPlay receiver. [Honestly, why does anyone trust or use Google?]


3 thoughts on “Dutch ruling on refurbs, slashed commissions, Uber sued for tracking, Google Photos AirPlay-able”

  1. I’d be very interested in why I should not trust google. I use google’s gmail – with InBox – to manage all my business email online so there is nothing on my laptop – which doesn’t have the space for all the email and because I may lose it at any time. I also use Google drive as backup for my synology NAS – all of which seems to work very well. What “issues” should I be aware of – and what are better alternatives worth considering in both cases? thanks, Simon


    1. Google makes all its money from selling and trading data. When the CEO of Google goes on record saying ‘Why would anyone concerned about privacy use Google?’ you have to admit there may be issues. Google also allowed NSA monitor devices into its server farms, Apple did not. Apple supplies a free email service (@icloud.com) which is encrypted, offers all the same worldwide features of Gmail with better privacy and security, and which works way better with all of Apple’s software and services. Why Apple users ever touch Gmail is utterly beyond me.
      Apple also supplies iCloud Drive with 5GB free, and way more data available for a very good price should you need it – it’s also more secure.


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