Final Cut 10.3.3, Photolemur 2, car rumours again, Alexa leaks, Strombo concerts, Windows ‘bomb’

Photolemur 2 learns on the job to improve your images (picture from Apple World Today)

Apple updates iMovie and Final Cut Pro X for macOS — Final Cut Pro X (US$299.99) has been revved to version 10.3.3. It adds the ability to expand the width of the Inspector to view and adjust effect parameters; faster redraw of audio waveforms when using clips that are being imported while recorded to disk; a Diamond icon in the Timeline Index to show when the user has modified display of roles in the timeline; more color options in the Role Editor; and several bug fixes and performance tweaks.
The iMovie upgrade (version 10.1.5) is mainly a maintenance upgrade that fixes an issue which could add a red tint to video imported from some camcorders. It also addresses an issue which prevented some videos shot on iPhone from appearing in the import window and improves performance and stability. iMovie is Apple’s US$14.99 (free on all new Macs) videography tool for consumers.

Photolemur 2, 18th April — Photolemur is powered by a self-learning AI image processing technology and instantly enhances photos based on its previous ‘experience’. Photolemur does almost everything by itself, the users only needs to load the photos and save the best images afterwards. Now, the app has been optimised and runs faster than before, the image enhancements are better, and even the user interface has been streamlined. Apple World Today takes a look at what’s new in Photolemur 2.

Apple Car rumours revive as Apple applies to test self-driving cars in California — Apple Car rumours rise again. Apple has received a permit to test autonomous cars in California, “the first official confirmation that the maker of the iPhone sees the century-old automobile as a product that’s ripe for reinvention and a reflection of its need to tap new markets to sustain its growth,” according to Business Insider.

Amazon allowing Alexa software, far-field microphone technology use by other companies — Amazon’s core hardware and software technologies that it uses in its Alexa voice recognition products are available for use for free by hardware manufacturers – but not to everyone: Apple is unlikely to be invited to use the technology, given that the offer appears intended to combat Google’s similar approach to the home assistant market.

‘House of Strombo’ concerts coming to Apple Music as 10-part video series — Canadian TV host George Stroumboulopoulos has forged a deal which will see his House of Strombo concerts come to Apple Music, broadcast in a 10-part series.

Hackers dump cache of NSA tools putting millions of Windows users in danger — Hacker group Shadow Brokers dumped a new cache of NSA tools on Friday, and some are calling it, “the worst thing since Snowden.” Shadow Brokers has released other NSA tools, including a cache of old Linux hacking tools last Sunday. But Motherboard reported that the Windows tools released in the newest cache are the hacking equivalent of a bomb.


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