Going greener, pinging Pros, modular Pro concept, best RPGs, Podcasts rebrand, Outlook preview

Here’s a nice concept video of a Mac Pro possibility

Apple pushes supply chain to adopt renewable energy, gets 3 more suppliers to go all-green — In its ongoing renewable energy initiative, Apple is pushing its supply chain go green, announcing on Thursday that three more component makers are using solely renewable energy to build parts for its products.

Some MacBook Pro with Touch Bar owners report pinging, popping case noise during heavy use — A small proportion of users with the 2016 MacBook Pro are reporting hearing a pinging, or popping noise, described as similar to that of crushing a plastic bottle, seemingly related to thermal conditions in the laptop.\

A very nice concept video for Apple’s next Mac Pro — There will be many challenges for Apple as it designs the next generation Mac Pro. It will have to present with Apple’s unique design language, but the form will also have to follow the function as a modular device. For the practical minded user. The low end will have to be affordable, but it will also have to support the very best CPU/GPU/ and bus architecture.
Here’s a concept video [not by Apple!] that pays homage to the (2008-2012) Mac Pro, has a modest desktop footprint, and still looks like it would be big enough to contain kind of power we drool for. [Love it!]

Best Mac RPGs — Of all game genres, Mac RPG games arguably provide the greatest embarrassment of riches, so much so that picking a top 10 is sure to leave some great games out in the cold. That said, MacGamer HQ has given it a shot (with a little cheating).

Apple rebrands iTunes Podcasts as ‘Apple Podcasts’ ahead of planned changes — Apple on Thursday rechristened iTunes Podcasts under a new label, ‘Apple Podcasts,’ likely setting the stage for planned evolutions of the company’s podcasting support.

Microsoft offers free Outlook for Mac Preview to test Google Calendar & Contacts features — Microsoft on Wednesday released a standalone Outlook for Mac Preview version for free, as part of an attempt to gain more feedback on Google account upgrades including Calendar and Contacts integration.


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