Diabetes team, 64-bit Earth, hovering selfies, iPads and iPhones in service

Hover Camera Passport has gone on sale in Apple Stores (image from Tech Co)

Apple has team of biomedical engineers working on diabetes treatment technology — Apple has had a small team of biomedical engineers working on a secret initiative to develop non-invasive glucose sensors in what it hopes would be a game-changer for diabetes treatment, CNBCreports. [Can’t really call it ‘secret’ any more then, can we?]

‘New’ Google Earth may usher in much-needed 64-bit iPhone & iPad app — Google will announce a “brand new experience” for Google Earth on April 18th, something which could simultaneously signal a much-needed upgrade of the Earth iOS app to 64-bit code.

Remarkable Hover Camera Passport arrives at Apple retail stores and Apple.com — Have you ever wanted your own personal camera drone, but found that the devices on the market were too expensive and/or had a difficult learning curve? Last fall, the Hover Camera Passport (US$499) was introduced and it changed the world of photography forever with a small, lightweight, flying high-definition camera that is primarily self-flying.
Now Zero Zero Robotics has announced the flying travel-friendly camera is available exclusively on Apple.com and in Apple retail outlets [although I don’t see it in the NZ online Apple Store, although it does appear available from this link for NZ$599].

NHL coaches provided with iPad Pros during Stanley Cup Playoffs — Coaches in the NHL are going to be given more help in analysing their team’s performance during hockey matches, with the league reportedly providing iPad Pros to teams and officials in time for the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Motorola Solutions to equip Victoria Police with 10K iPhones, iPads in A$50M deal — Motorola Solutions has signed a deal with the police in Victoria, Australia, which will provide 10,000 frontline officers with access to iPhones and iPads, in order to provide real-time information to officers and help improve their productivity. The deal is worth A$50 million.


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