Illustrator on iPad, Clips downloads, TestFlight update, 10 years iOS, quiet patch, iPhone 5 rumour

Robert Generette III on Adobe Illustrator Draw on iPad Pro with Pencil

Artist Rob Zilla shows potential of iPad Pro with Adobe Illustrator Draw, Apple Pencil — Apple is showcasing illustrations of stars from the NBA created by artist Robert Generette III, also known as ‘Rob Zilla’, showing off the high-quality artwork that can be created on the iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil and Adobe Illustrator Draw. [It’s pretty cool watching the drawing emerge step by step.]

Apple’s Clips sees over 500,000 downloads in its first four days of release — Apple’s new, free Clips app saw between 500,000 and a million downloads, according to estimates from app store analytics firm App Annie – as noted by TechCrunch. This is good, but Clips hasn’t yet broken into the top 20 apps by ranking in the US App Store’s Top Charts.

Apple updates TestFlight, its iOS app testing platform — Apple has released an update to TestFlight, its free iOS app testing platform that’s part of iTunes Connect. It now provides multiple build support, enhanced group capabilities, and improved tester management—making it even easier to test your apps.

Ten Year Illustrated History of iOS — German software company fournova has put together a delightful illustrated history of iOS to mark its ten hear history. It starts with the Steve Jobs introducing a device that runs on special version of what was then called OS X. Each iteration of iOS through iOS 10 then gets its own panel highlighting what was new and some of the people involved with presenting it. It’s a fun look through the years, and I saw a couple of things I hadn’t thought about in a long time.

Apple quietly patched iPhone vulnerability allowing unauthorized collection of sensor data [u] — Apple in 2016 issued a fix for a website-based iOS exploit that might have allowed hackers to collect sensor data from iPhones, and potentially learn many things about their targets – even their passcodes, researchers revealed this week. [In other words, if you update your iPhone/iPad, hackers can no longer do this.]
Apple’s software fix for this actually came back with iOS 9.3, released in March last year. That update also introduced Night Shift and secure Notes, while solving a security gap in iMessage.

No, Apple isn’t dropping iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c support in iOS 10.3.2 — There’s a report making the rounds claiming Apple is dropping support for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c in iOS 10.3.2, and they’re wrong. Apple hasn’t ever cut device support with a minor point update, and that holds true for iOS 10.3.2.