Laptop drop, B-Eng Anti Virus for Mac, Special Characters

macOS Sierra allows very fast access to special characters with Control-Command-Spacebar

Apple drops from first to sixth place in annual ‘Best & Worst Laptop Brands’ ranking — Apparently Apple has seen strong sales of Apple’s controversial MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (released in late 2016). However, the tech giant has dropped to fifth place (tired with Acer) among the Best & Worst Laptop Brands for 2017, as determined by Laptop Magazin for several reasons.
Lenovo knocked Apple out of its long-held top position. Until this year, Apple had held the top spot since 2010. Asus and Dell take second and third place, while HP came in fourth. [I have to use an HP at my work, and it is RUBBISH.
Reasons include … “the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar didn’t impress us that much in our review. The Touch Bar itself is fairly innovative, but it feels like a tease when you can reach out and touch the entire screen on more versatile, Windows-powered convertibles like the HP Spectre x360 and XPS 13 2-in-1.” [Disagree: I don’t want smeary prints all over my beautiful, Retina and colour-correct screen, thank you very much. And the same magazine put thatMicrosoft laptop at 10th …]
“Apple ditched both traditional USB ports and SD Card slots in favor of Thunderbolt 3. As a result, MacBook Pro owners need to carry around awkward dongles to connect their phones, cameras and other peripherals.” [Good point.]
“Apple also dropped the ball in the value department. The company got rid of the 11-inch Air (pictured above), which was Apple’s most affordable laptop, at $899, leaving the ancient $999 13-inch MacBook Air as the most affordable system in the MacBook lineup. However, the 13-inch Air feels like leftovers that have been left out on the counter for over two years, complete with a 5th Generation Intel Core chip. (We’re now on 7th Gen, people.)” [Agreed. But there are also aesthetic considerations: all the other laptops either look like shite, or like Apple knock-offs, so what does that tell you?]

B-Eng introduces Anti Virus Plus for the Mac — B-Eng has introduced Anti Virus Plus for macOS. It’s a virus scanner and vulnerability detector that the company says recognizes more than six million different viruses [of which about three might actually affect Macs, but hey]. 
Anti Virus Plus comes with a full vulnerability detector, a port scanner and an automatic directory scanner, as well as a drag-and-drop scanner where newly added files are scanned automatically. The vulnerability scanner detects loopholes and unsecure security settings for encrypted viruses, malware, adware and trojans. [OK, well that definitely sounds good.]
Anti Virus Plus runs on macOS 10.11 or newer. It’s available for US$19.99 (about NZ$29) at the B-Eng webpage.

How to access special characters in macOS Sierra — You can do fun things with your Mac, such as typing accents, emojis and symbols. macOS Sierra includes features that make it easy to find and type special characters and currency symbols. 🤡