iOS 11 without 32-bit, GPU hires, RetriCAM photo filters

RetriCAM has over 50 photo filters and other features and it’s free

iOS 11 may not Include 32-bit app support — Apple plans to drop 32-bit app support completely in iOS 11, or at least that’s what seasoned developer Steven Troughton-Smith is hearing. That means apps that haven’t been updated with 64-bit support won’t run at all even though current iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch processors still support both 32-bit and 64-bit code.

Apple looking to hire for its graphics design unit — As spotted by The Telegraph, Apple has posted several job openings at Apple’s UK Design Centre for roles in graphics unit design days after pulling the plug on Imagination Technologies.
Apple plans to stop using Imagination Technologies intellectual property within two years, ending its royalty payments. Apple is apparently working on its own custom graphics architecture to control more of the core technology, in the same way that it already architects custom CPU silicon designs.

RetriCAM isa fun iOS camera app with real-time filters — The cameras that comes with the iPhone 7 and, especially the iPhone 7 Plus, are fantastic. But you can spice up your photos even more with Note-Ify Apps’ RetriCAM, which also works with the iPad and iPod touch. And it’s free.
The app lets you apply more than 50 different filters in real time when you’re taking pics, plus add borders. You can prefer the filters on-screen before you apply any of the effects, which is a handy time-saver.