Apples Clips and how to use it, warm iPhones, unfair advantage of iOS

Apple’s Clips app for iPhone & iPad — Not to be left behind by recent social media trends, [although the lag has been pretty noticeable!] Apple released Clips last week.
The iPhone and iPad app is designed to create splashy videos for sharing on networks like Facebook and YouTube.
Here’s what it’s like in action; while Apple World Today runs a similar story.
There’s even a tip already: if you’re shooting a longer video or just want to hold your iPhone more comfortably, you can slide your finger or thumb left on the Record button to lock Clips recording.
That means you no longer have to Hold to Record.

What to do when your iPhone gets too warm — Have you ever noticed your iPhone feeling a bit warm to the touch, or even downright hot? Or perhaps you’ve run across a screen on your iPhone telling you that your device needs to cool down before you can use it. If so, don’t rush off to the Genius Bar just yet. Here are some steps you can take to possibly fix the problem when your iPhone gets too warm.

Several tech companies agree to a $5.3 million settlement for taking unfair advantage of an iOS feature — Several tech companies, including Twitter, Yelp, Instagram and Foursquare Labs, have agreed to pay a consolidated $5.3 million to resolve a putative class action pending in California federal court accusing them of violating user privacy through their apps that took advantage of an iOS feature that uploaded details from users’ contact lists, reports Law360.