Must-have update, iPhone 8, Notes checklist, Watch diversification, Scania CarPlay

Why latest iOS update is a must-have — This week’s iOS 10.3.1 update might have seemed anticlimactic by comparison to the original 10.3 update, but a quick look at the security notes issued for the update shows a very good reason why every owner of an iOS device running 10.3 should install the new update immediately.  But Apple has warned iCloud users some services may get accidentally reactivated with iOS 10.3 [so you just deactivate them again]. 

Don’t Look for iPhone 8 until October or November — Apple’s iPhone 8 may not ship until October or November instead of the September window we usually see. The reason for the later launch may be tied to production problems with the smartphone’s curved OLED display.

Apple World Today Video Tip shows how to create a new checklist in Notes on an iPhone with 3D Touch — Checklists are a wonderful way to organize tasks and then make sure they’ve been accomplished, and the Notes app on the iPhone is a handy tool for keeping track of those tasks as soon as they’re completed. In today’s video tip we show you how to use 3D Touch on an iPhone to quickly create a new checklist.

Apple said to diversify Apple Watch manufacturing duties as sales expand — Apple Watch is currently manufactured by one company, but that’s reportedly set to change in the latter half of this year, when Apple is rumored to bring on a second partner to build the flagship Series 2 model.

Scania brings Apple’s CarPlay to semi trucks for first time — A Swedish manufacturer, Scania, on Wednesday announced plans to build CarPlay into some of it heavy trucks, marking perhaps the first time Apple’s platform has been integrated into non-consumer vehicles.