Mac Pro surprise, Mac hope, mini and iMac, Space Drop

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Apple upgrades 2013 Mac Pros with more cores & faster GPUs — Apple on the US Tuesday [ie, NZ today] announced modest upgrades to existing 2013 models, increasing the performance of stock configurations. The base NZ$5199/US$2999 model is being boosted from 4 cores to 6, and from twin AMD FirePro D300 cards to a pair of D500 units. The NZ$6899/US$3999 model is growing from 6 cores to 8, and switching its twin GPUs from the D500 to the D700. But the new Pros are otherwise unaltered, missing technologies like USB-C or Thunderbolt 3.

In even better news, an all-new Mac Pro with modular design is coming in 2018 along with Apple Pro displays — They won’t arrive this year, but Apple has also revealed that the Mac Pro will live on with an entirely new design that will be easier to update on a regular basis, and that Apple-branded professional displays are also in the product pipeline.

Apple garnered a lot of good will today (now about the AirPort product line) — Apple gained itself an incredible amount of good will today by announcing: the 2013 Mac Pro wasn’t expandable enough and that a more modular model is in the works, along with new Apple displays; new iMacs are coming this year, some with pro level capabilities; and that the Mac mini is staying in the line-up.
Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, apologized about the “pause in upgrades and updates” to the Mac Pro, and promised that Apple will have “something great” to replace it and that Apple chose to be more transparent with today’s news because it “cares deeply” about pro users that “invest so much” in the Mac.

Apple’s Mac mini an ‘important product,’ staying in lineup — Despite being one of Apple’s most neglected lines, the Mac mini is an “important” product and won’t be cancelled anytime soon, according to Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller.

Apple plans new iMac configurations targeting pro users for later this year — Despite the delay in new Mac Pro models arriving on the market, Apple is still aiming to target professional users looking for new Macs, and has revealed plans to release new iMacs this year with new configuration options that could be attractive to prosumer and creative users.

Want more powerful Mac drag and drop? Space Drop is a utility for Mac users who want to speed up workflow. FipLab built Space Drop as the missing link when it comes to dragging and dropping items on your Mac with a handy dock that instantly appears whenever you start dragging a file. It creates a temporary place for you to store your files whilst you navigate to where they need to be dropped. This frees up your mouse and makes the process more pleasant.
Space Drop costs US$4.99.


2 thoughts on “Mac Pro surprise, Mac hope, mini and iMac, Space Drop”

  1. Gazing into your crystal ball, an idea of when there will be new iMacs for ‘non-pro’ users? Exactly what is a pro user anyway? I need a new iMac but the pro tag tells me the new ones will be pricey.
    Also hoping I can buy one soon so that I can send my MBP in for the antireflective screen repair.
    Keep up the good work. This is a great site.


    1. Thanks Keith, much appreciated. Pro normally means a machine that can handle big projects in Final Cut and Logic. Pretty much every new Mac can do that, but the pro machines can seriously handle it, with optimised GPUs, CPUs (i7 over i5) and decent RAM, faster system bus etc and colour-corrected screens – although all Macs tend to have that too, this gets extra sauce in the top-end ones. I imagine Apple would still sell a consumer/prosumer iMac alongside a Pro one, but the beefed up Mac Pro and plans for a whole new type of Mac Pro may intimate Apple won’t make a truly high-end iMac. Who knows? If only we had access to Apple’s data and feedback!


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