NeuBible, MIXIT DuraTek USB-C

NeuBible is the Bible app Apple would make (if it made a Bible app), reckons Dennis Sellers — “Increasingly, in worship services, I notice folks reading their Bibles and looking up Scripture on their iPhones and iPads. Hey, I’m one of them. My favorite iOS Bible app has been the NIV [New International Version] 50th Edition. However, my NEW favorite is the [US]$4.99 NeuBible, which is available at the Apple App Store.”
Sellers finds this app elegant and simple-yet-sophisticated. The creators of NeuBible – former Apple designer Kory Westerhold and Yahoo design director Aaron Martin say – their goal was to “get rid of everything between you and scripture.”
“They’ve definitely succeeded in their goal. Think of this as the iBible.” It costs US$4.99 and NZ$7.49.
[I bought this – I’m not Christian but I’ve read the Bible and I like having an important text I can quickly find things in.]

Belkin releases MIXIT DuraTek USB-C cable and takes a trip down memory lane — Few accessory manufacturers have been around since the dawn of the Mac, but one was actually in existence pre-Mac: Belkin. The company was founded by Chet Pipkin (current CEO), who started building cables on his parents’ dining room table in 1983. Now the company is well-known to most Apple users for its wide range of accessories, and today Belkin released the US$29.99 MIXIT DuraTek USB-C cable. Since it’s on the local product page, it looks like it will be available in NZ too.


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