Kaby then Cannon Lake, racial profiling, Geekbench 4.1, Publisher Lite

GeekBench 4.1 adds the ability to measure Metal GPU performance

Cannon Lake and Mac updates — Cannon Lake, Intel’s next generation of Core processors after Kaby Lake, could arrive later than initially believed, after comments by a company executive suggest delays in development and mass production of the new processor, reports PC World. This could delay the anticipated 32GB MacBook Pro with Touch Bar until 2018.
It’s hard to predict whether Cannon Lake shipments will happen before or after Christmas, Venkata Renduchintala, president of Intel’s PC, IoT and chip design businesses, said at an Intel manufacturing event. The first Cannon Lake chips will be targeted at low-power laptops and 2-in-1s. PC makers typically need time to test the chips in laptops, so availability of the chips in mainstream PCs may drag into 2018, notes PC World. [I’d be more than happy with a Baby Lake Mac, that’s what I’m still waiting for.]

Former Apple salesman claims Apple canned him for reporting racial profiling — A former Apple salesman has filed suit against the company in Pennsylvania federal court alleging he was fired for reporting racial profiling against black customers, and that his cancer treatment and Seventh Day Adventist faith may also have played a role in his being terminated, reports Law 360.

Geekbench 4.1 is the latest update to Primate Labs’ popular cross-platform benchmark — Geekbench 4.1 for macOS, Windows, and Linux is now available from the Geekbench website and Geekbench 4.1 for iOS from the iTunes App Store.
There are a lot of changes and enhancements in Geekbench 4.1 including  support for Metal in the Compute Benchmark: you can benchmark the compute performance of the GPU in your iOS device. Metal support is also available on macOS alongside the OpenCL and CUDA support introduced in Geekbench 4.0.
Geekbench 4.1 also includes a number of changes and improvements to the CPU and GPU workloads that Geekbench uses to measure performance, to address a number of issues present in the 4.0 release to provide a more accurate measure of multi-core scalability and compute performance. A complete list of changes is available on the Geekbench website.
To celebrate the release Primate Labs is offering a 20% discount off all Geekbench 4 licenses purchased through the Primate Labs Store (which makes a single user Mac licence currently NZ$9.04 instead of NZ$11.30). Also, instead of a discount, Geekbench 4 for iOS is currently free on the iTunes App Store. Both promotions end on Monday, April 10th. [The real strength of Geekbench is that you can see how your Apple devices compare to non Apple devices in pure speed and power terms. It’s one of the tools I use when reviewing new Apple gear.]

Publisher Lite is a handy desktop publishing and page layout app for macOS — PearlMountain Technology’s Publisher Lite is a handy desktop publishing and page layout app for both business and home use, and it’s free. With it you can design and create a variety of flyers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, advertisements, reports, calendars, posters, booklets, and more.