New iPads arriving, iPad teardown, new Samsung shrugged off

iFixit has already torn a new iPad down and noted some key differences

New iPad deliveries arriving, Personal Pickup at retail now an option for purchasers — Apple’s new iPad has starting hitting purchasers’ homes with deliveries originating in China, and those seeking an iPad today have the option of selecting Personal Pickup in the US and Canada or trying their luck buying at the store without a pre-purchase.

Teardown finds Apple’s new iPad largely similar to first-gen iPad Air — Apple’s new 9.7-inch budget iPad is in many respects the original iPad Air with a few key upgrades to keep it relevant in 2017, according to a teardown published yesterday. The new iPad has the same 32.9 watt-hour battery as the Air 1, beating out the 27.6 watt-hour unit in the Air 2 and the 27.9 watt-hour supply in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The key difference with the old tablet is an A9 processor paired with 2 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, versus the Air’s A7 chip and 1 gigabyte of DDR3. Apple has also boosted base storage to 32 gigabytes and added a Touch ID sensor.

Apple investors shrug off Samsung Galaxy S8 event, send stock upward — The launch of Samsung’s 2017 flagship Galaxy S8 isn’t causing any apparent concern among Apple’s investors, who collectively pushed the company’s stock even further upward today despite the announcements–and the continuous run up in Apple stock that has occurred since the iPhone maker last released earnings in January.