No RED attribution for China, how iPads compare, iPhone 6 success

Apple avoids (Product)Red branding in China for new red iPhone 7 models — Apple’s new red options for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which, through (Red), will contribute proceeds to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, lack that same charity branding on the company’s Chinese website. It’s unclear if the company is avoiding donations of Chinese proceeds, or simply concealing the fact that some of the profit is channelled to AIDS research. Chinese police have sometimes even engaged in crackdowns of organisations working in AIDS prevention, so openly supporting (Red) could theoretically be seen as confrontational. [Yeah, you don’t want to confront homophobia, right? Not when it might affect profits.]

2017 iPad vs. iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air: What’s new and different in Apple’s latest tablet? — With the last update to the iPad Air line over two years ago, how does Apple’s new 2017 iPad compare to its predecessors? AppleInsider takes a look at the three statistically, to see how they stack up. The new iPad is a compelling, inexpensive upgrade for users of the iPad 4 and earlier which comprises 30% of the existing user base. However, the iPad Air and Air 2 owners hold a commanding 35% of iPad users who may be looking at the new iPad as well. [John Martellero thinks the mini will be deleted. I love my mini, it’s esier to read books on than a full-size iPad. I’m going to miss this format. I was just starting to consider a new one …]

iPhone 6s topped 2016’s list of top-selling smartphones — In terms of shipments, the iPhone 6s from Apple bested all competitors for sales in 2016, according to new analysis from IHS Markit, a “critical information, analytics and solutions” firm.
Looking at the fourth quarter alone, the new iPhone 7 was the 2016 best-seller, followed by iPhone 7 Plus. IHS Markit says Apple again demonstrated its new iPhones integrate enough innovations and new features to drive sales and remain successful in the market.