Extending AppleCare eligibility, photo filters, Indonesian iPhones, Google Calendar, AVR headsets

(Image from Apple NZ’s AppleCare page)

Apple may be extending AppleCare+ purchase deadline to one year for iPhone, report says — According to a recent report, Apple appears to be bringing its AppleCare+ plan for iPhone more in line with offerings for the Mac and Apple TV, which means it might start allowing users to purchase the AppleCare plan up to a year after initial device purchase. The current limit is 60 days.

Four of the best casual photography and filter apps for iPhone — If you’re a seasoned iPhone pro, or a new user, the vast amount of simple photography apps can be staggering: AppleInsider picks out four cheap or free ones for you to try.

Indonesian iPhone sales to resume on March 31 after Apple R&D investments — Apple is on track to resume iPhone sales in Indonesia toward the end of the month, a report said on Friday, following a roughly two-year period during which sourcing requirements kept the device off the local market.

Hands On: Google Calendar on iOS continues the trend of ‘fiddly but powerful’ — Google Calendar could be better designed but it’s hard to beat on features. AppleInsider investigates how well Google’s calendar integrates with Apple’s own.

AR/VR headset market expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 58% — Who knows if Apple will ever release an augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR headset, although there have been patents for ‘iGlasses’. However, new device launches, an expanding array of content for both consumer and enterprise users and lower price points will propel the worldwide augmented and virtual reality headset device market at a breakneck pace, says the IDC research group.


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