Apple Park makes Flyover, better Mail security, Safari zero-day, protect your data, Apple forestry, Final Cut effects

Apple Park Flyover imagery, informational data shows up in latest Apple Maps update — Apple in a recent update to its Apple Maps service added satellite and drone imagery, as well as related geolocation tags, covering Apple Park, the company’s new headquarters currently under construction in Cupertino, California. The new Maps assets include destination information, a physical address and building tags, including a data tag for Steve Jobs Theater. As it does for other points of interest, Apple Maps aggregates photos and general information about Apple Park from the internet, in this case user-submitted photos from Wikipedia. To use Flyover in Apple Maps 2 on Mac, watch this video, or launch Maps, type in (for example) ‘San Francisco, CA, United States’ and press the Return key, click on the drop-pin, click the little ‘i’ icon and choose ‘Flyover Tour’ at top centre of the information box that appears.

Which Is Better to Secure Email, Apple Mail or GPG Suite? When you want to send secure email, you have plenty of choices. I showed you recently how you can set up email encryption in Apple’s native Mail app, and that raises an interesting question. What’s better to secure email, Apple’s Mail app or a solution that uses OpenPGP, such as GPG Suite? Mac Observer takes a look.

Security researchers uncover two zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple’s Safari — Security researchers competing at the annual Pwn2own conference have discovered two zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple’s Safari. Two teams successfully exploited the bugs they found to achieve root access to macOS, while a third attempt failed.

How to protect your data — By most accounts macOS and iOS are safer operating systems than Windows or Android. However, there was a dubious 2015 report from GFI (a company that makes “IT solutions that enable businesses to discover, manage and secure their networks” ) that claims that the Apple operating systems were the “most vulnerable” OS’s. Whatever is true, there are good reasons to protect your data from loss and from prying eyes [but be careful turning Apple’s FileVault on, as it can lock you out. If it’s not on already, I’d find another solution!]

Apple’s US forestry programs protects 36,000 acres, creates jobs — Two years ago, Apple bought 3600 acres in Brunswick County, North Carolina. According to The Conservation Fund, the Arlington, Virginia-based group Apple tapped to manage the effort, the project is starting to show returns – both for the Cupertino, California-based company and for the state of North Carolina.

Slide Pop brings cool View-Master effects to Final Cut Pro X — Noise Industries’ US$49 Slide Pop plug-in offers 20 cool, customisable View-Master style effects and transitions for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.