iPhone 8 concepts, security hire, Mazda CarPlay, asthma accuracy, Sticker fight

In concept images by Hungarian designer Gabor Balogh, shared with AppleInsider, the phone would by default display a translucent version of what’s behind it whenever it’s raised, using the rear camera.

Concept imagines Apple’s ‘iPhone 8’ with Siri-based augmented reality — A new set of concept renders of Apple’s possible ‘iPhone 8’ — sometimes called the ‘iPhone X’ or ‘iPhone Edition’ — envisions the device making use of augmented reality technology to let Siri and widgets connect with the outside world. [Please note, these are not images from Apple, but someones concept of what might be. And while this year’s new will technically be the 8th iPhone, it also marks the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iPhone introduction.]

Hacker, iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski hired by Apple’s device security department — As part of Apple’s continuous quest to keep us safe, security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski has accepted a position within the iPhone manufacturer’s Security Engineering and Architecture team.

Mazda says Apple CarPlay support coming soon, including retroactive upgrades — Apple’s CarPlay will be coming to Mazda vehicles sometime in the near future, the Japanese automaker revealed on Monday, taking it off the list of major holdouts in CarPlay support. Mazda also revealed that any vehicle sporting a Mazda Connect system will be “retroactively upgradeable,” with “a potentially minimal hardware addition needed.” [Hey Mazda, I have a Mazda!]

Asthma study using Apple’s ResearchKit proven accurate when compared to existing research — A study reports ResearchKit is an extremely effective way to conduct medical research, with patient data collected from asthma sufferers via Apple’s framework found to correlate with the results of similar studies using established data collection methods.

Apple’s new Sticker Fight ad for iPhone 7 emphasizes iMessage feature — The latest in Apple’s advertising campaign for the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 brings Apple’s “stickers” feature into the real world in a playful and colourful manner.