Tuesday Talk ~ Siri and The Silent Division

Do you have your Siri set to a male or female voice? Personally, I prefer female. Possibly that’s because I had two daughters and even the cat’s a girl, so I’m used to being told what to do by female voices. [OK, that’s a joke. Honestly.]
No, I just prefer it. Whether it’s easier to understand and clearer, I don’t know. But do please note that Siri can not only be set to the New Zealand English accent – in other words, to better understand New Zealanders –  it can also be set to either of two genders and even to other languages. My current choice is an Irish female voice, partly because it’s so pleasant. You can do this in Settings>Siri, and on the Mac, System Preferences>Siri.

Regardless, we now have digital assistants with us all the time. And they’re literally a voice summons away.
And they’re literally iterated all over the place – Apple shipped 78 million iPhones, 13 million iPads, and 5.4 million Macs just in the last quarter.
All of them have Siri. This doesn’t even include Apple Watches and, of course, Macs. The research firm Canalys estimates Apple sold 6 million Watches last quarter. All in all, that’s over 100 million Siri enabled devices in one quarter. S/he’s literally everywhere.

Of course, there are rivals. Consumer Intelligence Research estimates Amazon sold 5.2 million Amazon echoes … for all of 2016. Ouch. And there’s Microsoft’s Cortana.
As I just explained to a SeniorNet group in Auckland yesterday, Siri on your Mac is particularly handy, for doing Maths (I love this! Asking for a percentage of a number, for example, is way easier than mucking about with a calculator). But you can also use it to find file, launch files and apps and open folders, and even to start playing iTunes music. Want to find something on the web? Launch Siri, say ‘Find me news about flooding on the web’.

Once you start doing things like this, you start considering if trackpads and mice will be necessary at all soon. For many of us who don’t mind the sound of our own voices, this is a strikingly fast and convenient way to do oh so many things.
I only worry about walking down the street and yakking to my iPhone in public. After all, us Kiwis are a reticent bunch – New Zealand soldiers in world War One famously stopped singing when they came to a village, to resume a safe distance away on the other side, earning them the nickname amongst Belgian and French villagers of ‘The Silent Division’.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk ~ Siri and The Silent Division”

  1. My iPhone Siri preferences only allow American, Australian or British accents. Is that because i’m set up for Australian English? That’s the setting that best understands my weird accent.


      1. I’ve figured it. If you select NZ, UK, Australian or US English you get a choice of voices. There’s no choice if you select Irish-English, so I guess that’s how you got there.


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