The Apocalypticon ~ Year Zero, Gadgetation, Intellipedia, leaker seekers, panic button for immigrants

The bombe, developed and designed by Alan Turing, was an electromechanical device used by British cryptologists to decipher German Enigma-encrypted secret messages during World War II

WikiLeaks unleashed a cache of thousands of files it calls Year Zero — This is part one of the release associated with Vault 7. Since there are over 8000 pages in this release, it will take some time for journalists to comb through the release but The Independent has highlighted six of the “biggest secrets and pieces of information yet to emerge from the huge dump” in their report.
~ ‘The huge dump’ indeed.

Gadgetation — Here’s a look at all the devices spies have used to tap into voice, mail, phone, radio, morse, electronic messages, and other signals. (And of course, the Orange Git also randomly accused Obama of wiretapping his campaign, probably to deflect accusations of Trump’s involvement with Russian hackers.)
~ OK, I should probably stop making up words. 

Intellipedia — When General Dale Meyerrose worked as the Associate Director of National Intelligence, he was tasked with figuring out how to get 16 different spy agencies, all accustomed to decades of siloed secrecy, to talk to each other. In the end, one of his most lasting accomplishments was championing a small grassroots effort led by young analysts that resulted in what would become ‘Intellipedia‘.
~ And hey, someone else made up that word. 

Journalists should now be encrypting everything The Antihuman Donald Trump (or ‘Orange Hitler’, if you prefer) publicly called for a Justice Department investigation into Whitehouse leaks to the media, warning, “We’re gonna find the leakers. They are going to pay a big price.” There are ominous signs the President is following up on his threat, including Sean Spicer’s surprise search of White House staffers’ devices, looking for apps that people could use to secretly reach reporters or social media. Naturally, news of the search was immediately leaked to reporters.
~ Gonna. Sigh.

The Dark Web is disappearing — Tor remains something of an internet boogeyman, a misunderstood service most people think is only useful for hiring hitmen or buying drugs using cryptocurrencies, but many Tor sites (called onions) lie somewhere between tame and useless. New research suggests what the few extant onions that remain are headed towards extinction. But the Feds would rather drop a child porn case than give up a Tor exploit.
~ Tor blimey. 

Panic button for worried immigrants — Worried by Trump’s racists rants against immigrants, Natalia Margolis, an engineer for the digital agency Huge, went to a meet-up group for women and Latinos in tech that focused on civic action. There she met Adrian Reyna, whose parents are both undocumented. The whole family now lives in fear they could face deportation. “There’s never going to be a panic button for when ICE comes to the door,” Reyna lamented at the meet up.
Margolis thought maybe there could be, so she took the idea back to her team at Huge, which happened to be hosting a hackathon focused on solving big social issues. Just 24 hours later, Notifica, an app debuting this week at South by Southwest, was up and running. The app allows people to select contacts they would want to notify in case of emergency and pre-load personalized messages to each recipient. It launches soon.
~ In your face, Trumplerites! (Damn, I did it again.)



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