CIA and Vault 7, Jobs’ widow meets Trump, Green Bonds, Honda electric CarPlay, Didi lab, Mac Keylogger

(Image from MacObserver)

CIA responds to ‘Vault 7’ hack leak, WikiLeaks claims only 1% of what it holds was published — The CIA has issued a statement criticising the massive WikiLeaks reveal of its iPhone, macOS, Android, and Windows hacking department, amidst international outcry about the leak – and tens of thousands more documents are allegedly on the way.
In a statement provided to AppleInsider and other news venues, the CIA refuses to comment on the authenticity of the WikiLeaks data dump, or “the status of any investigation into the source of the documents.”
However, despite not making a comment, the agency continues with three talking points. The WikiLeaks documents showed the CIA has been struggling to crack Apple gear, presenting little danger to everyday folk.
Also, apparently, Vault 7 has nothing to bypass email encryption tools. ProtonMail, an email encryption tool and service used by millions, has been carefully examining Vault 7. Andy Yen, the cofounder of ProtonMail, recently wrote that email encryption is still alive and well, and surprisingly easy to use.

Laurene Powell Jobs meets with Donald Trump to discuss education and immigration — Laurene Powell Jobs, billionaire, philanthropist, widow of Steve Jobs, and mega-donor to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC, met with President Trump this week. CNN reported that White House spokesperson Sean Spicer confirmed the meeting Wednesday. Her nonprofit, the Emerson Collective, actively pursues innovation and progress in education and advocates for immigrants.

Apple’s Green Bonds funded US$441.5 million of environmental safety, conservation, climate change action in 2016 — Last February, Apple issued its first Green Bond, a $1.5 billion vehicle for investors seeking to put their capital to work on projects that will reduce the global human impact on climate change, help develop technology products using safer materials and work to conserve scarce resources. The company has now reported on a series of projects financed by those bonds last year.

Honda electrics have CarPlay — Honda on Wednesday announced two upcoming cars, the Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, that will add to a growing roster supporting Apple’s CarPlay platform.

Apple-backed Didi to open AI lab in Mountain View, California — The Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing – in which Apple is an investor – is opening an artificial intelligence lab in Mountain View, California. This is one of the first times it has expanded its physical footprint outside of China.

Elite Keylogger for MacOS — Now you can play at being CIA yourself … Elite Monitor for Mac can be deployed by parents who want to monitor their child’s activities during computing sessions and employers who are seeking a way to track the performance of their employees. It can also be used as a means for protecting data and passwords in the event of an operating system crash, your readers might be interested.
There’s a free version and a Pro version for US$49-$299 depending on how many Macs you want to monitor. The Pro version even finds out passwords and usernames …


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