CIA leaks and iPhones, SDK billions, read faster, Furian GPU architecture, clean Japanese energy

CIA leak reveals how agency targets iPhones — Wikileaks has published a cache of leaked documents some argue is more damning than Edward Snowden’s NSA leak. Wikileaks called the CIA documents Vault 7, a trove of 7818 pages and files disclosing cyber weapons and hacking tools.
Among other revelations, the one making the biggest headlines is that the CIA worked extensively on iPhone hacks.
Apple has already addressed those concerns, saying ‘many’ of the supposed iOS exploits have already been addressed in the most recent version of its mobile operating system. The latest public version of iOS, released in January, contained patches for critical flaws outlined in the WikiLeaks dump and it’s working on the others.

Nine Years of Apple’s iOS SDK generated $60 billion, 1.4 million jobs — Nine years ago, Apple released its first Software Development Kit for iOS, enabling third parties to build native apps for iPhone and iPod touch for sale in the iTunes App Store. The program has since generated over $60 billion for Apple’s developers and has created 1.4 million jobs related to app development. [So, Apple, you think details like these excuse you not paying tax? As far as I’m concerned, if I pay tax on my income, you can pay tax on yours.]

Learn how to read faster with Spritz on the iPhone and iPad — The average reading speed of an adult is just about 300 words a minute, which sounds impressive, but comprehension suffers as adults also tend to only retain about 60% of what they read – you can fix both with Spritz. The only caveat to this free app is that you’ve got to have an internet connection to use Spritz, unless you pay US$5 for a yearly subscription which unlocks the Spritz offline mode.

Furian GPU architecture in 2018 iPhones and iPads — Apple partner Imagination Technologies has unveiled its next-generation PowerVR Furian architecture, an entirely new GPU (graphics processing unit( architecture designed for the evolved graphics and compute needs of next-generation consumer devices. Dennis Sellers expects to see it in 2018 iPhones and iPads.

Ibiden commits to 100% renewable energy for Apple production — Component supplier Ibiden is the first company in Japan to pledge it will power all of its Apple manufacturing with 100% renewable energy — a new milestone for Apple and Japan. The announcement marks a significant step forward in Apple’s efforts to help its manufacturing partners transition to clean power, says Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives.