Jobs vs Genius Bars, Safari Cookies, Aclivity Mac point of sale

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Steve Jobs initially blasted Genius Bars at Apple stores, says former retail head — Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was originally resistant to the idea of the Genius Bar, now a signature feature of every Apple store, former retail head Ron Johnson said in a recent podcast. [New Zealand doesn’t have Genius Bars because New Zealand does not have Apple owned and run Apple Stores, but authorised Apple Resellers. So our closets one is Sydney, Australia, at least 2000kms away.]

How to manage cookies, website data in macOS Sierra’s Safari — Websites often store cookies and other data on your Mac, including info you’ve provided, such as your name, email address, and preferences. This data helps websites identify you when you return so the site can provide services for you and show information that might be of interest to you. Here’s how to manage them.

Acclivity’s Checkout Point of Sale for Mac business users — Acclivity’s Checkout Point of Sale 4, the latest version of the Mac point of sale software used by global business, sports over 45 enhanced features, a faster image processing engine, and Shopify syncing for e-commerce users. What’s more, the tight integration between Checkout and Shopify provides stores and boutiques with an end-to-end solution for selling their wares on- and off-line.