Cook Glasgow and AR, higher credit, LG UltraFine delays, self-publishing iBooks

(Image from The Verge)
(Image from The Verge)

Tim Cook Speaks at University of Glasgow for an hour — Tim Cook spoke to the students of the University of Glasgow this week. The hour long event included questions from faculty and students alike. Topics included President Trump’s travel bans on seven muslim-majority countries, the reach of the App Store, the environment, wealth inequality, education, balancing work and life, technology interacting with our bodies, Apple Watch, idealism [which presumably doesn’t include fulfilling tax requirements], Steve Jobs’s influence over Apple today, style and more.
He also said AR is a ‘big idea,’ and likened the tech to the smartphone. This was when The Independent caught up with Cook during a visit with UK-based app developer ustwo, makers of the hit iOS game Monument Valley on the third leg of Cook’s extended European tour.

Apple users have higher credit scores, loan amounts, better rates than Android, Windows users — Think you’re clever for using Apple products? You’re right! A new study says we have higher credit scores, loan amounts and better rates than Android and Windows users.

Delayed shipments of LG UltraFine 5K displays — Apple has delayed shipments for LG UltraFine 5K, a 27-inch model touted as the perfect display for 2016 MacBook Pros, and removed in store pickup options, reports MacRumors. New orders for the LG UltraFine 5K Display will now ship out in five to six weeks with fixes to a reported issue with router. Jeff Butts reckons Apple should just kill it and go back to making its own displays.

Self-publish your books with iBooks — If you’re an author, you can self publish your books on iBooks. You’ll want to leverage multiple platforms to increase your visibility, but don’t forget Apple. As The Mac Observer editor-in-chief, Bryan Chaffin, wrote, Apple’s eBook platform isn’t perfect, but it is worthwhile to use.