BeatsX Headphones, percentage AirPods adjustment


BeatsX headphones finally launch on Apple Store — Apple has finally launched the long-awaited BeatsX headphones for US$150 (in New Zealand, $229.95). The headphones were originally delayed in Fall 2016. Apple’s website listed shipping times of 4-5 business days for White and Black colours, and 8-11 days for Blue and Gray.
The BeatsX headphones are Bluetooth using Apple’s W1 chip, but in a different way than the AirPods. BeatsX are tethered together with a neck cable and come with a Lightning charging cable. The headphones also ship with four interchangeable ear tips in different sizes and removable wingtips if you decide to go running with them.The headphones work for up to eight hours of music playback on a full charge. You can get two hours of playing on only five minutes’ charge. You’ll also enjoy optimised noise isolation for an “immersive listening experience.”
Here’s how they compare to Apple AirPods.

Quickly adjust AirPods volume by percentage and check listening levels with Siri — Due to its distinct lack of physical controls, setting sound levels on Apple’s new AirPods requires the use of either Siri or the volume buttons on a paired iPhone, both of which operate on preset magnitudes. For greater control, use Siri to raise or lower the beats by percentage.