New Mac malware, Luminar update and discount, Intego deal, Kaby Lake, $10 optical suit, Argentina traffic, Microsoft Office Touch Bar

Wow, remember these? Owners of Macs made between 2003-2008 are eligible for US$10 rebates due to an optical drive class action suit.
Wow, remember these? Owners of Macs made between 2003-2008 are eligible for US$10 rebates due to an optical drive class action suit.

A macOS malware agent dubbed MacDownloader has been found — A macOS malware agent, named MacDownloader, was observed ‘in the wild’ as targeting the defense industrial base, and reported elsewhere to have been used against a human rights advocate, according to Iran Threats, a website run by Claudio Guarnieri and Collin Anderson that analyses online threats from Iran. MacDownloader attempts to pose as an installer for Adobe Flash, and as the Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool. Apple Insider has more info.

Luminar update — Luminar, the software that sensationalises pretty much any photo, has an update which adds support for photoshop smart objects and actions, improved batch processing, better crop angles, enhanced colour temperature filter, speed improvements and a rotate image tool. If you already have Luminar, launch it, click the Luminar men and select Check For Updates.
To celebrate, MacPhun is bundling bonuses along with the latest version of Luminar. Bonuses include: The Guide to Family Portraits, the 25 Romantic Getaways ebook, a brand new set of beautiful sky overlays, and a new Vivid Presets pack. Please note, bonuses are limited in quantity, so check out this deal now if you’re interested and save 50%.

Intego deal gives you 70% off Mac Premium Bundle X9 — and that this rare deal ends today. Use coupon code ‘SaferInternet‘ at checkout to get 60% off Mac Premium Bundle X9 right now. The discount only applies to households, limit 10 Macs per customer. Regular renewal rates apply. This offer expires on Wednesday, February 8 at 11:59PM USPST.

References to possible 2017 MacBook Pro with Intel Kaby Lake CPUs found in macOS Sierra beta code — Examination of the beta code for macOS Sierra 10.12.4 has revealed a trio of Kaby Lake processors referenced, which has pointed to specific processor substitutions for a possible MacBook Pro refresh using Intel’s new processor line.
Kaby Lake features faster CPU clock speed changes, a new graphics architecture which improves performance in 3D graphics and 4K video playback and supposedly provides enhanced battery life and security features. MacBooks with Kaby Lake would also support up to 32GB RAM instead of topping out at 16GB.

Owners of 2003-2008 Macs with optical drives can claim US$10 per machine thanks to a lawsuit settlement — A class-action suit filed against four optical drive manufacturers alleging illegal price fixing has been settled, with previous owners of computers – including Macs – equipped with CD or DVD drives between 2003 and 2008 eligible for $10 per computer owned during that period, reports AppleInsider.

Apple Maps now provides real-time traffic conditions to Argentina customers — Apple Maps for macOS, iOS and watchOS now provides real-time traffic conditions to people in Argentina, according to Apple’s refreshed iOS Feature Availability webpage.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar preview hits Microsoft Office for Macs — Microsoft is now testing a beta version of MacBook Pro Touch Bar support in Office 2016 for Mac.