132 million US iPhones, Bangalore iPhones, Celebrate hacking tools, Linea Sketching App

Linea is a great iPad sketching app
Linea is a great iPad sketching app, and Serenity Caldwell sketches her review in the app

iPhone US installed base has reached 132 million — Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), has released its analysis of the results from its research on Apple for the fiscal quarter that ended Dec. 31, 2016. The research group found that the iPhone US installed base reached 132 million units as of the end of 2016. [There are c325 million people in the States.]

Apple to start assembling iPhones in Bangalore by April — Apple plans to start assembling the iPhone in Bangalore by end April under a contract manufacturing arrangement with Taiwan’s Wistron.
The move comes as it awaits approval from the federal government for some of its proposals for lowering the import duties on components and for creating an ecosystem of local manufacturers who can supply components for the smartphones, according to sources close to the situation.

Hackers post Cellebrite’s Smartphone Cracking Tools online — A hacker dumped 900GB of hacking tools and data used by Cellebrite. The cache of data is on Pastebin, for now, at least. Cellebrite is an Israeli security company that came to public prominence when the FBI used its services to hack into the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone. [Ouch – The hacker took the hacking tools from a remote server controlled by Cellebrite.]

Serenity Caldwell’s animated review of Iconfactory’s Linea Sketching App — Iconfactory has been making a big splash with its new Linea sketching app, a major new entry in the illustration space. Serenity Caldwell has done a great animated (stop motion video) review of the software for iMore.
Caldwell said “Linea has supplanted Paper in my iPad’s dock as my go-to sketching program — and for those who know me, that’s a shocker: I haven’t really sketched in anything consistently other than Paper since its 2013 release.” If you’ve been curious about Linea, you should definitely watch.