Goodbye 32-bit, WiFi calls

(Image from Apple Inc)
(Image from Apple Inc)

iOS 10.3 beta reveals Apple will cut off 32-bit support in ‘future versions of iOS’ — Bringing an era to a close, an upcoming version of iOS, possibly iOS 11, will drop support for 32-bit apps entirely, according to an error message discovered in the first iOS 10.3 beta. Apple has used 64-bit processors in iOS devices since 2013’s iPhone 5s, and has been gradually ramping up pressure on developers to conform. New apps were required to offer 64-bit support in Feb. 2015, and that policy extended to app updates in June the same year. [Mac’s have already been exclusively 64-bit for years, which lets them use more RAM.]

Three UK enables Wi-Fi calling for iPhones without use of inTouch app — British cell-phone carrier Three is making it easier for its subscribers to make calls over Wi-Fi when there is no cellular signal, by allowing those with iPhones to place calls and messages using the embedded Wi-Fi calling feature of iOS, instead of the mobile network’s custom app. [Apple has a page about this, but it has to be enabled by the carrier and it appears Vodafone does not support this in NZ.]
The UK carrier update is now available to customers with the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, or later generations of iPhone running iOS 10.2, and can be enabled within the Phone menu in Settings. Three now joins rival networks EE and Vodafone in offering Wi-Fi calling to its customers in the United Kingdom, using the facility built into iOS.